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Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Is One Of The Popular Courses Among Engineering Aspirants Which Focuses On The Basic Elements Of Computer Programming And Networking. Students Pursuing Computer Science Courses Will Gain Knowledge Of Design, Implementation, And Management Of Information System Of Both Hardware And Software.CSE Course Deals Primarily With The Theory Of Computation And Design Of Computational Systems. The Course Is Offered Across The Globe In Technical Institutions At Undergraduate As Well As Postgraduate Levels Awarding B.Tech And M.Tech Degrees, Respectively...As 'C' Is The Basic Language Among High-Level Languages. Since It's An Early Language, Most Of The Programming Languages Started Originating From It. Learning To Code In C Will Give You A Basic Idea Of How Codes Should Be And Develop A Skill To Code Just By Knowing A Syntax Of The Programming Language. In C++ You Would Learn About Object-Oriented Programming. It Will Be A Lot Similar To The Structure In C But You'll Have A Lot Of Advantages And You Will Be Open To New Concepts


The First And Foremost Step Of Every CSE Student Is He/She Must Understood The Concepts Of Programming Like Variables,Loops,Functions,....And Then Try To Implement Those Concepts By Doing Projects.The Simplest Way To Understand Majority Concepts In The Computer Science Is Do A Project On Webdesigning With Coding,

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Why I Need to Study Physics,Chemistry... in My B.tech Course

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As a Department of computer science and engineering Why I need to study M1,M2,M3,P&S,BEE,ES,MPI,MEFA,FLAT,Physics,Engineering Drawing,Chemistry.... in b.tech,So Let's Know Why...By BTAO TEAM

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